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Aamhi Saare Khavayye

'Do watch Chef Devwrat's Innovative, interesting recipes & Carving on Z Marathi's popular cookery show 'Aamhi Saare Khavayye' on every Friday at 1.30 pm.

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Carving Tool Kit

The knife for carving should be held like a pencil is held is for writing. This pencil hold gives you a better control of your tool.
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Add instant potatoes flakes to soup to thicken. Add small amounts at a time and stir.

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Add instant potatoes flakes to soup to thicken. Add small amounts at a time and stir.
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Devwrat A. Jategaonkar

‘Executive chef’ at Radisson resort & spa, Alibaug.

Coming from a small town Akola, Devwrat finished his hotel management diploma 1994 , there were hardly any degree courses available in India from one of the reputed hotel management institute from Pune. While studying in college, he came across carvings and started to practise, with guidance and encouragement from teachers and peers, he had already started providing designs for wedding receptions.

Later on over the years he participated in number of competitions and events and his nac of carving innovative designs was an USP. He also started experimenting with butter sculpture and has gained recognition for it.

While working on his carving skills,He worked with the most famous British Ocean liner 'Queen Elizabeth 2' and Specialised his skills in Garde manger, continental, Italian, and Indian cuisines, Fine Dining, and Quantity cooking. Today he is an Award- winning culinary professional with 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has a unique blend of creative flair and passion for food, strong business sense and engaging interpersonal skills. This has led him to do that extra mile along with his main area of work. He organises culinary workshops, events and demonstration on a variety of topics and feels sky is the limit.

Working tirelessly for 2 months, Chef Devwrat created a 3 ft x3 ftx3ft margarine (butter) sculpture. Carrying this huge yet delicate butter sculpture in one piece, all the way from Alibag to Germany was a challenge in itself. He, however, was richly awarded with a silver medal in the 'culinary artistry' category for his butter sculpture 'Oh Cinderella'. In this sculpture, a crucial moment from the fairy tale is frozen. Cinderella, a poor girl is turned into a princess by a kind angel. The magic was to last till midnight. The clock starts tolling midnight hour, Cinderella runs out of the ballroom, prince running behind, her shoe slips. Alas! No time to get back.
Key Skills
Knowledge and Experience in world cuisines, Specialised skills in Garde manger, continental, Italian, and Indian cuisines, Management skills, and Leadership qualities, Expertise in Fine Dining, and Quantity cooking.
Represented 'The Orchid', at the "The Great Indian Culinary challenge 2006-2007' and Won a Gold Medal in Butter Sculptures category and silver medal in Fruits and vegetable c\rving category. Won Bronze medal (2005-2006) for the same competition. Also led the team of chefs who participated in different categories. Our team won five medals at this national level competition  
Have won super chef culinary competition in 1998 held at ‘Cidade de Goa’ also won prizes in seven different categories (HOT and cold)  
Have organised as well as conducted culinary workshops and food demonstrations in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur. Also given demonstrations on board QE2.  
Was invited to give carving demonstration at the annual festival of the Magazine, UPPER CRUST [2005]  
Done various cookery demonstrations episodes on television for ’Mejwani’ E-TV channel. , saam Marathi channel, and ND TV good times.  
'Conducts 'Rangatdar Mejwani food Shows' which is not just a cookery show, but a culinary journey with Chef Devwrat. Apart from interesting innovative recipes, the show also has interesting videos, experiences, tips, and slideshows about five star kitchens, basic garnishing, techniques, fruit & vegetable carvings etc.  
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